Strawberry Fields Forever

As spring continues to turn the area around our trailer into a boggy mess, Katrina has apparently been bitten by the gardening bug. Thankfully, a small, manageable version of the gardening bug, as she’s limiting herself to a single strawberry plant, for now. It’s almost like a houseplant, though it is living in a random tire outside.

Now, I’m not a real fan of houseplants. Between our many pollen allergies and the fact that they are usually more trouble than they are worth, we never really bothered with them at home. By comparison, the Rixes lived in a veritable jungle of interior plants. Though, they do demand, as with everything, that these plants earn their keep. No “just because they look good” stuff, and Katrina has kept up the tradition; our two plants are the aforementioned strawberry and an aloe.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled; taking care of a plant has all the responsibility of owning a pet with none of the charm. And knowing that the chances are good that Katrina will get shipped out by the union somewhere, leaving me to take care of a plant I don’t want. She talks to it, too. Of course, not for the “talking-to-plants-is-good-for-them” reasons, since she talks to her sourdough yeast, too. Maybe I’ll perform a little experiment and say negative things to her strawberries if she leaves me alone with them. “We never loved you” or “Why don’t you get a job?”

We are still waiting to hear from Katrina’s union, by the way. As a first-year apprentice, she has the disadvantage of being inexperienced, but the advantage of being cheap to hire. So, if someone needs an electrician to carry things, or do some basic repairs, she’s the girl for the job.

Meanwhile, I’m still plugging away at both jobs. Hours have dropped, as I expected they would, at GameStop, as the entire industry is holding its breath, waiting for the release of the PlayStation 4 and the XBox 720/Fusion/Infinity, whatever they are calling it. But that’s why I have the second job, so I can keep making some kind of money while GameStop snoozes and Katrina waits for word.


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