Getting Better, Taxman, and A Hard Day’s Night

Sometimes you get so used to “making do” that when things turn around, it’s kind of a shock you let it get so bad. It’s been kind of a rough week; our water pipes to the kitchen froze, and despite our best efforts, it spread to the rest of the house, to the point where I just went out and bought big tubs of water so we could cook and use the toilet (sparingly). And, of course, I brought a cold home last week, which got Katrina sick, too. We were pretty miserable there for a while.

At least I had the good fortune to get sick just as my “weekend” was beginning, so I could baby the cold by loafing around the house, drinking fluids (though not out of the tap!), and playing video games until I felt a little less pathetic. Katrina came down with it Thursday night, which meant she had to go to electrician school when her cold was reaching it’s peak… And they were practicing climbing telephone poles this week. Her instructor sent her home after lunch because she was apparently such a sad sight she was “depressing him”.

I made sure she got some cold meds (despite her protestations) and shipped her off to bed. While she was recuperating, our landlords sent a guy to check on our heater, which hadn’t worked for a couple weeks. We’d been “making do” with a couple of tiny space heaters, but my utter inexperience showed when the repair guy realized our problem was that the filter was at this point more dust than filter, and the heater had shut off so it wouldn’t kill us. That thing had probably been past usefulness before we even moved in, but I’d never thought to check it. Now I know!

Minutes after the heater labored to life, water dripped, streamed, and then gushed from every faucet in the house, which we’d all left open when the pipes froze. Now that we’ve got that working, I’m staring down a dizzying pile of dirty dishes and laundry that needs doing.

The other big movement this weekend was doing Katrina’s taxes for her. I guess it just was never a thing she did on her own before, but I’d gotten mine taken care of about a month ago; we don’t exactly have lots of investments or deductions to worry about, just reporting earnings from W2’s. She put it off until I reminded her, and I’m one of these nutjobs who actually likes filling out forms, so I just took care of it. It’s a shame she didn’t receive a bigger tax refund, but at least she can take some comfort from the fact that she makes too much money for the IRS to take pity on her (like they do with certain GameStop employees.).

Speaking of, that’s about all I have time for right now; I’ve got to go help open the store this morning after closing the Brown Jug late last night, so I’m not exactly running on all the sleep. The risk you take working two jobs, I guess. Coffee should be my friend this morning.


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