Here Comes the Sun

After a long, cold and lonely winter (little darling) we’re finally getting about twelve hours of daylight. Which, of course, means that after the equinox, I’ll have to block up the windows at “night” if I ever want to sleep. It’s still pretty cold, though. So much so that we only have water in half the house at the moment, and we suspect the pipes are frozen between the bathroom and the kitchen. In response, we’ve put our space heater near the pipes in the kitchen, but that just means the rest of the house is that much colder. It’s kind of a lose/lose. At least my silverware is warm.

I’ve been settling in better at the liquor store this week; with consistent hours I’ve gotten enough practice that I feel fairly confident doing things now. Stocking shelves and running cash registers works pretty much the same wherever you go, but every store has its own quirks and eccentricities. And, unlike GameStop, stocking involves frequently lifting fragile glass bottles full of sticky liquids over my head. This has only come around to bite me once so far.

For whatever reason, it seems to be a 90% female-run liquor store. It’s interesting being the “token” male employee, but these ladies are always gossiping about each other to anyone in ear shot, so I’ve gotten really good at nodding, looking concerned, or saying “Yeah?”, “Really?” or “Uh-huh.” at appropriate times while I go about my business.

One would logically expect that St. Patrick’s Day, especially on a weekend, would be a boon time for a liquor store, and I guess Saturday was kind of busy, but by the time Sunday rolled around, I think everyone either had all the booze they needed, or were hitting up a bar for the social experience, rather than trudging to the liquor store at the last minute. After a full week of work, I have a few days off coming up (weekends are fickle, changing things for retail employees), and wouldn’t you know it, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I don’t think I’ve been sick since I got here in June, but wouldn’t you know my immune system would betray me just in time to mess up my “weekend”. At least the sun is out.


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