Existential Crisis Blog

I’ve been feeling a bit blue lately, probably owing to the fact that I’m not confident in my new job at the liquor store, and that I don’t see much of Katrina these days, as her classes have her out the door in the morning by six-thirty and rarely home before five-thirty at night; which is usually sometime after I’ve left for a closing shift. This Monday, blog time came and went, and I just did not feel like it. And I would have gotten away with it, too, except for the prodding of some of my readers has guilted me into going back to it. Sometimes you gotta play hurt.

This blog has become something of a showcase of the differences between living in Alaska and California, but that’s a limited topic; eventually, I’m going to get used to living here, and the culture won’t be so much of a shock. The ultimate goal of this blog is for me to write something, anything, every week, and I almost failed it this week. So, I’ll just keep writing, whatever’s come to mind.

Like I said, adjusting to the liquor store job kind of has me down; unlike working at the movie theater or GameStop, I come to this with little knowledge of the product, just a desire to get some work hours and make some money. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by “easy” (or at least, easy-to-like) jobs, and this is what “real” work looks like. And they’ve been giving me real shifts, too; none of this easy 4-5 hours a day stuff. This is 6-7 hours with no lunch breaks, just stow a sandwich behind the counter or something.

I have to admit, I like the variety of clientele a little better; rather than kids with exasperated parents, 20-something’s, and the occasional creepy 30-something basement dweller, I see barely-of-age kids buying cheap beer, blue collar types buying good beer, hipsters (Alaska has ’em!) buying fruity mixers, little old ladies buying wine by the gallon, old guys buying bourbon or gin, and so on.

I may not stick with it, I don’t know if the “hospitality industry” is for me, but I wouldn’t be able to afford a place for Katrina and myself while she is going to school without the hours I get here. Once she’s squared away with a union job, I can start looking at other options. This is just where I have to be for now.

All right, enough moping. This blog will return to it’s regular schedule and upbeat tone on Monday.


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