Winter is Leaving

It’s a cold, clear morning today. The weather has been warmer lately, but it seems we had a cold snap overnight. Or maybe the heater has conked out. After weeks of sleeping on a foam mat on top of a box spring (feeling every damn one of those springs), it looks like we’ll be finally getting an honest-to-God mattress… After some car shuffling.

We spotted the (apparently) only full-size mattress in Eagle River Saturday, but came to the depressing conclusion that neither of our tiny cars could fit a mattress in the back or on the roof. So we’ve done some arranging with the Rixes up the mountain to get the hulking Suburban down here for the day. Not super-exciting, I know, but I’m looking forward to not feeling like an old man every time I get out of bed.

This week in Anchorage is Fur Rendezvous (just a bit too cutesily called “Fur Rondy” most of the time), which was traditionally when trappers came down from the mountains to trade pelts and stuff. And I’m told it still is, which kind of baffles me; someone should tell those guys it’s the 21st century now. But it’s mostly a big tourist attraction now, an excuse for the Alaskans to throw a party, and the Pre-Game festivities for next week’s Iditarod. It all seems a bit like the Red Bluff Round-Up Days back home, a chance to be obnoxiously rural, when we really aren’t anymore. Katrina keeps threatening to drag me down there, and I might take her up on it, just for the experience.

As a result, on our way to the grocery store the other day, we saw a guy walking into the store very casually in a T-shirt and jeans with an entire coyote pelt/carcass draped around his shoulders. That just seems unsanitary. I wish I’d had my camera at the time; if you walk around in public with a dead animal around your neck, you forgo your rights to privacy.

My baseball obsession is coming back around again, which is good timing, because Spring Training has begun! It doesn’t get really interesting for a while yet, but it will be good to hear them contractually obligated to be described as the World Champion San Francisco Giants again.


One response to “Winter is Leaving

  1. If it was possible to comment with pictures id show u the antique muskrat pelt i handled the other day. Alaskan antique. It was sewn together like the human centipede. Exactly. I wasn’t thrilled. But the fur trade in AK is still thriving, especially with natives. U should give rondy a go

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