Houston, We Have a Problem (or two)

As it turns out, the housesitting job is more of a one-person deal; the dogs don’t believe in sleep, and the house is a macabre collection of dead things (there’s a taxidermied fox in the coffee table), so I’ve elected to stay here and take care of our trailer. I haven’t exactly done a bang-up job; Saturday night, Katrina’s “favorite” uncomfortable rickety chair practically exploded right under me, and a cold snap not only revealed our metal box of a house is not particularly insulated, but shut off the water for us by freezing the pipes.

The other tenant fancies himself something of a handyman, but as of this morning we are still waterless. Fortunately we went up to the homestead for dinner last night, and came back with a big multi-gallon jug of water so we can at least cook and clean. I also grabbed a tiny space heater that’s doing wonders for this room. It’s been below 0 F for a few days, and even at full bore the poor central heater can’t really keep up on its own. I don’t know what I’m going to do about Katrina’s chair, which after I told her about it snapping and folding under me while I was at the computer, she told me was her “favorite chair”. Yeah, this chair:

I could probably fix it, but it’ll probably never support weight again. Guess I should just get her a new favorite chair.

In the meantime, I’ve been spending time at the job center again, and even took a couple of those vocational interest tests. As it turns out, I’m apparently a “conventional” job seeker, meaning I’m looking for “Office Space” jobs, like accounting and administrative assisting. And it’s true, I’ve mostly been applying for those kinds of jobs, now that I’m trying to get out of the retail racket. I also think I broke the classic Briggs-Myers test, since I don’t seem to clearly fit in any of those Introverted/Extroverted, Thinking/Feeling boxes.

I have been focusing most of my attention toward state-run jobs, since here in Alaska, the state itself is one of the most reliable and frequent employers. And every department needs somebody like me; the guy who pushes paper and greets the confused public (because how many times have you walked into a government building and known exactly where you are supposed to be?).

Katrina’s birthday is coming up this week, and though she will still be housesitting at the Lower Mammal (and Bird) House of the Damned, we’ve been tossing around the idea of having a birthday/housewarming party. Though, if it stays like this, it may be a very cold, dry housewarming party.

Last Minute Update: Just heard from Katrina that as of this morning, she doesn’t have water, either. It must be the apocalypse. Or it’s really cold and there’s no insulating snow.


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