A Terrible Privilege

We’ve been settling in rather nicely with the new place, though the responsibilities of modern life (cooking, dishes, housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) are still, shamefully, rather new to us. I guess that’s what happens when you get used to living with your parents, as much as you talk about “helping around the house”, you aren’t really prepared when everything is all on you.

After the initial freedom of doing whatever you want (when you’re not working, that is) and eating whatever you want (I did buy one of those big tubs of Red Vines candy because it was on sale and I could) wears off, there is the rather sickening realization that “whatever you want” is not the healthiest life choice. At least we seem to have burned through that phase in the first week, and are now making sensible, responsible choices (for the most part).

One of the things that’s slipped through in this whole moving experience is anything going on in the outside world. We didn’t bother to get cable, since neither of us really watch it these days, though we may change our mind later. We haven’t subscribed to a paper yet, and we don’t have a radio, which were the methods the Rixes used to get news. It’s pretty much down to whatever we stumble across surfing the web. We also still need to get mail set up, though the Rixes’ address works fine for now; Buff can usually get us anything with our names on it.

After an unseasonably warm period, when it actually rained, melting away most of the snow, we’ve seen it come back with a vengeance, and more than once I’ve had to practically dig my car out to get to work. Walking has actually been the most dangerous activity, since the fluffy snow masks the layer of ice underneath. Getting to and from the car (especially with groceries) has become something of a slapstick affair.

In the meantime, I’m continuing the job hunt, no bites yet, but I’ve been spending time at the “job center” (what used to be called “unemployment”) talking to people, filling out applications, going through the process. This week, we’ve got another housesitting opportunity, which Katrina is eager to take to make a little money while she waits for reassignment from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (or IBEW; see, I remembered it this time!). We’ll be checking it out tomorrow, so I’m sure in next week’s blog I’ll have a whole new house and batch of critters to talk about.


4 responses to “A Terrible Privilege

  1. That rain, ice, and snow pattern was horrible and unusual.. old people like to say if u dont like the weather then wait five minutes for it to get worse.

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