Checking In!

It’s been an incredibly busy week for us here, as we’ve been focusing on moving down the mountain to the trailer we’ve rented in Chugiak. It’s not the most luxurious living accommodation in the world, but we can afford it and it’s got plenty of room for two people. Katrina and I are both learning (sometimes the hard way) what it takes to live on your own for the first time. We’ve been away from our parents before, sure, but in controlled college dorm environments. This week it seems like we’ve taken trips the the store (much shorter trips, at least!) every day to get something we’re missing: a jar of seasoning, a pack of AA batteries, whatever.

With this new location, I’ve been renewing my effort to find a new, full-time job. We have only just gotten the Internet connected at our humble abode (which is why this entry is so late and truncated), and it was the last of the modern “necessities”. I’ll be using it for now mostly to apply to jobs online, and Katrina will be checking her placement on the “work list” with the union. There’s nothing she can really do at this point to get “higher” on the list (read: “closer to a new job”), so it’s a waiting game.

Next week: pictures of the new place, and news from the job hunting front.


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