It has been brought to my attention by several interested parties that I should get in on this “blogging” thing that’s sweeping the Internet. As if it’s 2002 and everybody doesn’t already let you know on Facebook and Twitter every time they have to wait too long for an espresso. But it’s true, there is something rather freeing in the long-form style of a blog that strict character counts squash. So, here I am, trying my hand at this writing experiment.

A blog should have a point, a theme, a direction to go in. I should be making fun of newspaper comics or answering hypothetical questions with MATH and SCIENCE. Frankly, at the moment, I don’t have a plan for this. Maybe once I do, I’ll spring for the domain rental and come up with a kickass domain name. But for now, it’s writing for writing’s sake.
Maybe I should back up. Hi! Evan Hinton here. Hopefully, you already know that, because you are one of my friends who has come by to see this new blogging direction I’m taking. If not, is reading random blogs on WordPress fun? I don’t think it would be. Or maybe you’re reading this 7 years from now, because I’m a hugely successful blogger and you wanted to see where all the genius began. Sorry to disappoint you. This guy really is that much of a prick.

Now that I’ve got the self-aggrandizing and the self-deprecation out of the way in the same paragraph, some backstory. This summer, I left the comforting, but increasingly awkward surroundings of my parent’s house in Northern California for the great state of Alaska. I followed the girl of my dreams, Katrina Rix, to the (get ready) significantly less comforting and slightly more awkward surroundings of her parent’s house. I know, when I put it that way, it doesn’t sound like that brilliant of an idea. But we had been pulling the long-distance relationship thing for a few years, and somebody needed to make a move. I chose me.

I’m sure my more distant friends (as well any blogosphere stalkers) among you are asking, “How did that work? Did you guys meet online or something? Am I reading the crazed rantings of some guy who moved to a completely different state chasing a girl he’d never actually met?”. No. Long story short, we shared a major in college, started dating there, and stuck with each other, even after our (separate) abandonments of said major (Paleontology, for the curious).

I wasn’t entirely unfamiliar with her part of Alaska, either. I’ve been up for visits in the summer and winter, and had a general idea of what to expect. That said, there is still some culture shock when you throw a small-town Californian into a rural Alaskan environment. I was perfectly aware that the slabs of meat I bought in the grocery store were once living critters, but it’s quite another thing to meet them face to face. And be in charge of their food and water intake. And avoid their poop. And then, at some point, butcher and eat them.

So, going from vaguely suburban slacker to occasional farmhand is something of a transition. But at least I have a comforting job. I’m what’s known as a “Game Advisor” at the GameStop in Anchorage. In the planning stages of this migration, I managed to score a transfer from my home store to one here, so on Day 1 I had employment, and a job I knew how to do (more or less). There was definitely some transition there as well; GameStop may be an enormous video game store corporation, but different stores are run slightly differently, so there was a great deal of adjusting to the new rules I had to do. I’ve pretty much got it down now, but I don’t get more than two-dozen hours a week, so I’m going to have to step it up or find another part-time job if Katrina and I are going to get out on our own.

Not that she doesn’t contribute: Only a few weeks ago, she was hired (inducted?) by the local electrician’s union, which means she gets paid good money doing a lot of manual labor, which she seems to enjoy. Though when she starts talking about maybe getting a tattoo and trying to put on more muscle, my sissy, nerdy little blog-writing ego takes a hit. And now I’m feeling a little self-conscious about this whole thing. You’ll just have to wait until my next post to read more.


3 responses to “Inauguration

  1. Great job! Fine writing! All the fun of doing your own LLN without the pesky formatting. Count me in as a regular reader and sometimes plagiarizer.

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